>making marks

This week I’ve really tried to cncentrate on drawing and mark making, although I started off with some embossing experiments in the printmaking department. These don’t photograph well but they did work and I’m looking forward to doing some more playing with collagraphs. In fact I often find it difficult to photograph things well at college and sometimes at home, especially in this poor winter light. I have particular problems with very white things. I’m working very much in black and white at the moment or with just texture on white and cream and my camera just can’t cope. Perhaps I just need to get to know the camera better…

I’ve worked on small scale stuff in my sketch book using pen and ink

and then on big sheets with a bamboo dipping pen thing that gives a lovely mark and black procion dye that fades to a lovely bluey grey as it runs out.

My marks are based on organic lines and texture on green/living walls but through the week I’ve relied less and less on actually looking at my images and have been drawing much more intuituvely and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Current listening: The Be Good Tanyas, Blue Horse.

“the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs….”

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