“I was scrubbing the stone flags of the larder, on my hands and knees, weighed down by this sense of pursuit; I felt that circumstances were robbing me of my identity, so precarious still, as poet, or as whatever it was I hoped to become. Suddenly, as with the shifting of a gestalt, I realised that I was the same person whether scrubbing a floor or writing a poem; that my dignity as a being was in no way dependent upon the role which I had at any moment to assume; for all such roles are merely that, and the person free of them all.”

Kathleen Raine, The Land Unknown

(In: Autobiographies,1991: p194)

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  1. >This is a really special quote for any artist to hold on to. I don't think it's the sole property of women either. Any one with a family or responsibilities to things other than their creative work should copy this out and put it somewhere daily visible. Thank you Alice.

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