>impressions of stitch

With the bright sunshine we had yesterday I finally managed to get some decent photos of some of my embossing experiments using stitch. What I love about them is the fact that the impression isn’t just of the stitch that was on the printing surface of the collagraph (in this case fabric with stitch and, shown below, cardboard that had been stitched into) but also of the thread that was on the back, so there is this multi-layered impression of a continuous thread.

I’ve been stitching into and printing onto my felt

I’ve tried out a variety of stitches, partly to explore what stitches might best interpret my mark making experiments from earlier in the project but also to get to know the felt. It is an absolute joy to stitch into! I love its solidity but also the subtle ridges you can get with this kind of repetitive stitching so that when you run your fingers over it there is a change in contour. A combination of the pushed in, embossed element and the raised up is what I’m trying to play with here: things going in and things coming out.

It’s always worth a look at the back as sometimes it’s more interesting than the front!

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  1. >These look wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you're out there. I look forward to seeing more of your work : )

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