I missed my garden while I was away last week. It such a lovely time of year and everything has filled out beautifully with the heat and rain.

The day before I went away the first buds on my sweet peas were tantalisingly showing a little colour, ready to burst open as soon as I closed the front door to go for my train. On my return there were enough flowers for the first posy to go on the dining table.

For me that is the point at which summer has truly arrived. The smell drifting around the house takes me right back to my childhood and picking great bunches of the multi-coloured blooms for the dining room at my grandparents’ house.

I’ve been picking salad leaves for a while but the beans have finally started producing and I picked the fat golden balls off the gooseberry bush yesterday.

The plant itself looks very worse for wear as it has been ravaged by saw fly larvae again. It happens every year: they completely decimate the leaves, but it doesn’t seem to stop it producing the lovely fruit.

Current listening: Michael Nyman, The Piano (dreaming of distant shores)

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