I’ve finally unwrapped the bundles I made at the old fishing station, shaking out the dried up seaweed, stow-away sand and rusty bits and pieces.

The most successful marks were from the bundle containing seaweed and rusty screws. The seaweed colours are fairly subtle but some of the marks from the screws are great.

Unwrapping it like this and allowing the wrinkles and creases to keep some of their shape leaves a lovely 3D sculptural feel to the silk, even where there isn’t much colour.

This bundle just had various rusty objects and no seaweed:

This was a piece of wool felt that I wrapped round some limpet shells and bound tightly. I wanted to see how much the shell would emboss its texture into the felt. It has taken the shape of the shells but there is only a little of the surface texture.

The felt bundle that had seaweed in didn’t take much colour, but I do love the marks you get on the outside from where the threads were wound round.

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  1. >They are very interesting, Alice. Where the seaweed did not give much color, you might try a dip in vinegar, or boil in a copper pot(or wrap around a copper pipe). This should enhance any greens present in the cloths. I also like the textures created on the tied bundles.

  2. >Last year I found some shells which where totally blue but the colour disappeared after some weeks. After reading your post I am thinking: what would have happened if I had wrapped it in some silk? Just have to remember this for next time.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for showing your interesting process of colouring fabric.

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