>slow printing


I’m experimenting with the marks that can be achieved by laying items on to paper that have either been soaked in the remains of a dye bath, or rusty items that are laid onto wet paper (in this case wet with tea or with vinegar).  It takes time, but as the moisture dries I am left with some exquisite marks that are a curious mixture of planning and randomness – something I feel underlies so much of my work.

This one isn’t strictly printing, more dyeing, as the paper had been submerged in a dye bath with clamps to resist.  I love the randomness of the rust marks next to the straight line created by the clamp.

4 thoughts on “>slow printing

  1. >Looks so gorgeous, what a great idea. Hmm, all kinds of ideas are popping into my head, thanks for that.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. >I really like the results on paper, especially with the rust. I think I'm going to have to put all the rusty "stuff" I have to work!
    best, nadia

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