I collected some work from the framer today, ready to take to the Headingley Arts Trail next week.  I’m really pleased with how they’ve come out.  

I’ve framed some of the thick felt pieces that were part of my degree final work.  They originally made up one large work with 25 separate squares arranged together.  Now, in their own box frames they have become separate works.

I didn’t want them to be behind glass, so they just have a simple wooden frame with space between the subtly painted wood and the felt so that you can see the depth of the felt.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how they will look on the walls of 6 Harrowby Road….

4 thoughts on “>framed

  1. >Lovely sympathetic framing – they look great! It is a shame to hide texture behind glass, I much prefer the way you have done it.

  2. >Thanks Helen. I think it is so much better without glass, but I know that some people want things to be more protected. You wouldn't put an oil painting behind glass though…

  3. >These are very distinctive when framed–it will be very interesting to see them hung. Also found your ideas about stitching with copper to be interesting. Looking forward to see how that idea develops.
    best, nadia

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