I have some work in this exhibition of small prints in Hull.  I’m hoping to get over there at some point soon to see it.  It looks like there is a lovely mix of different print techniques.  

The work I submitted are rust prints with tea on paper, which have been stitched into with small seed stitches

The exhibition is on until 21st January.

3 thoughts on “>miniprints

  1. >Hi Alice, your work looks really good. I am from Hull, where is it your work is exhibited – the ferens art gallery? I may visit while I am home from university over the Christmas break! x

  2. >Hi Sarah. The exhibition is at Artlink in Princes Avenue. I haven't been yet so I'm not sure quite where it is – you probably have a better idea if you're from Hull. I just have two pieces there but it looks like a vibrant exhibition. Let me know what you think if you go.

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