I can finally see from one side of my studio to the other!  I’ve spent a good deal of time this week sorting, unpacking and tidying in the studio.  I might even be able to work in there next week.  

I’m becoming a dab hand with a drill, having put shelves, blinds and curtain rails up in various places around the house over the last couple of weeks.  These shelves may not look much but they enabled me to unpack various boxes, which makes a big difference to the space.  I’m finding all sorts of ways to make the best use of the space I have.  In the midst of all the sorting I longed for a clean white-walled empty space, but I know it wouldn’t last long: I’d only fill it with things.

These old school trays are just brilliant and are home to all sorts of bits and pieces.

I’m itching to get to work in there and it won’t be long now before I can.

2 thoughts on “preparation

  1. >Id say your on your way to great creative things already lol….Im half way thru a workroom reshuffle myself and have decided the rooms shrunk!
    its the only answer right…?!

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