something new (every day)

I’ve started something new this week.  So often I make resolutions about doing something creative every day, sketching more often etc.  Somehow they always get interrupted before they become established so I’m trying to address that.  With a period of planning this has become even more necessary.

This is my new little project.  By making it online I hope that I will be more disciplined about keeping to it!  Each entry is either the result of me making the time to spend a few minutes in my studio rather than at my computer desk or a snippet of something I’m working on anyway.

I follow various other people documenting similar daily projects; here and here for example.

I’d be interested to know what you think.

6 thoughts on “something new (every day)

  1. >Wow, Alice, what a shock to see my blog come up when I clicked on your links to daily artwork. Thanks so much! I love what you're doing, hope you're able to stay with it daily — I know how difficult that can be sometimes! Have a great weekend.

  2. >think this is a good always helps if you know people are expecting to see your work each day. Love what l have seen so far..good luck Alicex lynda

  3. >I love your new project and wish you well on the dailiness of it, I have found thru trial and error I can't commit, but do manage a letter a week which is now group project at the simicity of the stitching, the rust and the tea are all very sigh-producing! Enjoy…

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