tide marks

I’m really pleased with how my tide marks series of work has turned out now it’s framed.  I’ve been lovingly working at, adding to, sorting and revisiting these small pieces of dyed, printed, stitched paper over the last few weeks.  But I always worried that they wouldn’t stand on their own as individual pieces.  Somehow by placing these things into frames they are transformed into the precious items that I already feel they are: it says ‘this is what they are’ to any other viewer that hasn’t had the relationship with them that I have.

These are quiet pieces, subtle.  I hope that whoever looks at them will be intrigued, drawn in by the play of different marks and textures.  They invite you to look closely, study the lines, see where the stitches go.  At least that’s how I feel about them.  I want them to intrigue people, please them and perhaps puzzle them.

These, as well as other work, will be shown next weekend at 6 Harold Place as part of the Saltaire Arts Trail.

9 thoughts on “tide marks

  1. >Alice – congratulations, they did all that you asked of them perfectly, even over the interweb. You would have laughed to see me craning my neck, peering into the screen and into them to see the detail; wondering what the marks were…they are beautiful.

  2. >Inspiring, satisfying to my senses, beautifully subtle, but with wonderful variation. They are distant cousins to work I'm presently doing, but seeing yours helps me to feel my way into deeper places with mine. Thanks!

  3. >These look amazing.
    When I saw them in the latest post on your blog i thought they were thin slices of wood.
    They are so textural and delicate, lovely.

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