Saltaire Arts Trail

What a weekend! (I’m still recovering) The Saltaire Arts Trail was a huge success once again and we had thousands of visitors milling round the village, brochures in hand, going round the various different exhibitions, activities and installations that were part of the event.  Even the cold weather (is it really May?!) didn’t put a dampener on things and the Arts Trail ‘buzz’ was all around the place.

Because I’m involved in the organizing of this event as well as showing some work at it I was really busy in the run up and all weekend and I was poorly at the same time, so it is taking a few days to get back to the land of the living!

My work looked great in Paula’s lovely house.  It is quite a big deal to open up your house to thousands of strangers who tramp through to look at the artwork and to have a nosey inside your home.  Some of the people who agree to open their houses are selling their own work but others are not artists but want to be part of this lovely event.  To be able to see artwork in a domestic setting, particularly in a heritage location such as Saltaire, really makes things accessible and interesting to people.

I was particularly pleased with how one of my little books looked on the window sill with the beautiful garden beyond.

2 thoughts on “Saltaire Arts Trail

  1. >So glad it was a success for you after all your hard work in organising and participating in the event. Hope it went well for you personally as well. Sorry to hear you were not well, hope you are better now. I have been suffering from broncitus(?) for the last 3 weeks and it will not go away! but hey..whats a bit of suffering when you can still do Art? Haxxkeep wellxxlynda
    ps forgot to ask..what was with all the ducks and string in first image please? looks gorgeous!

  2. >Hi, Alice. What an interesting event…especially that people's homes become a sort of art gallery. I really like your books as well-very subtle and distinctive.
    best, nadia

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