I’m really enjoying my walk to work here in Cumbria, despite the grey and wet conditions (Sedburgh isn’t getting the heatwave that the rest of England have been enjoying).  I’m staying about 15 minutes walk away from Farfield Mill and I have a choice of walk across the fields or round the lanes.

On Tuesday I walked up the lane, picking wild strawberries on the way, then across the fields.  I saw a roe deer and then a hare in quick succession: both exhilarating experiences.  The footpath wound its soggy way but I couldn’t have been happier, arriving at the Mill very wet.

Yesterday I took the lane the other way and found all sorts of bejeweled plants.  The hay has either been cut and sits waiting for a dry spell or it hasn’t even been cut yet.  Things are so damp but also lush and green as a result.

These lanes are absolutely amazing: they’re jammed with a rich mix of foliage, flowers, insects, mosses, birds flitting about, trees and the most lovely smells.  I could spend hours lingering in them, but I have work to do


3 thoughts on “lanes

  1. I understand your joy. I live in a rural area in Spain and every walk I take outdoors is a source of wonder and discoveries. I envy your damp environment though. We’ve been in a very dry spell for months and this is the third heat wave we’ve experienced in two months. I’m looking forward to autumn!

  2. Hi alice,
    I love Cumbria! We’ve been spending our summer holidays in Kirkby Lonsdale for (at least) 15 years. I don’t care about the rain anymore. The scenery is the stuff that dreams are made of…
    best wishes,

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