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    • Hi Margaret. I’ve just finished a six month residency at a nature reserve called Spurn Point in East Yorkshire (follow the link on the right of the page to find out more at the project blog. I made two large scale textile pieces (Spurn Cloth #1 & #2), as well as a series of prints and artists books, that were exhibited last weekend in the old lighthouse there. The work is now about to tour but the venues are all different. The first venue is quite small so I can’t show the large pieces. Therefore I’ve made these three smaller ‘Spurn Cloths’ to represent the textile element. Alice.

  1. Alice, all this work, the film, the pieces: little weavings, photos, cloths etc are wondrous indeed. I so wished that I could see the work in situ, and am delighted that you say it is touring. I must search to see if there is a link here to tell where the venues are.
    I loved it that you included photos of yourself working on the cloth, because so often one sees the inspiration – or photos of the inspiration – and then the work, but it adds so much to see part of the process, and the processor (!) as well.
    I would very much like to buy a copy of the book, and can pay you by PayPal. I shall email you my address. I do hope that I can see all the lovely work sometime.

    • Hi Olga. If you use the link on the right to the Spurn project blog there is a list on there of the tour dates and venues. There are some more still to be confirmed so keep an eye and I’ll announce things as they are arranged. Thanks for the email, paypal invoice is on its way, Alice 🙂

  2. Just watched your film and slideshow Alice, it’s wonderfully atmospheric, and I absolutely feel as though I’ve just had a short visit to Spurn Point! I loved the sounds too, another layer of texture there.
    I’ve just looked to see where you’re exhibiting over the next few months, so far all in the north of the country, so hopefully it will come further south at some point. I would love to see it.
    Your work is amazing, and you have really captured the textures and atmosphere of this wild place….wonderful wonderful work, can’t wait to see what you do next. Cath.

    • Thanks Cath, book will be in the post tomorrow. I so wanted to give people something of the experience of being at Spurn through the work so I’m so glad you feel I’ve achieved that.

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