I went to Spurn last week to collect the rest of my work from the lighthouse.  I also had various meetings to fit in that day but I felt it was important to allow myself a little time on the beach.  The light was absolutely glorious.

I felt that I was going back to say goodbye, but actually I was saying ‘thank you’ and ‘see you again soon’.  I now understand how Spurn is firmly under my skin.

There were various interesting items haning about on the beach.  I’d seen this lump of metal on previous occassions and wondered about trying to collect it to use for printing.  I tried picking it up… surely it was too heavy… could I bring the car closer? Not really… in the end I decided to carry it (struggle with it) the few hundred metres along the beach to my car.  It now sits in my front garden waiting to be played with…


9 thoughts on “beachcombing

    • Thanks Sandra. It is great that there are opportunities for different people to see the work. It was always going to be difficult for some to get to Spurn itself. Through the tour I hoped to take a little of the experience of Spurn to other locations.

  1. Spurn is such a treasure of a place with interesting views,objects and inspiration. The ambiguity of what nature will allow us to share, I am sure will season to season change,revealing who knows what to be discovered.My Grandson Jack aged nearly
    5 loves the beaches there and is becoming an avid treasure collector in his own right and he loved your exhibition in the lighthouse too!

    Your work has touched many people of all ages Alice.

    Best Wishes, Janet Golphin

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