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I gave a talk to Halifax Embroiderers’ Guild last Friday.  (It is still a bit of a novelty to think complete strangers actually want to sit and listen to me talk about my work for the best part of an hour!)  I took along my Spurn sketchbooks and some samples as well as the 10 metre long Spurn Cloth #2.  After I spoke we had some fascinating conversations and I met some lovely ladies.  We also spread the long cloth out across the floor for everyone to have good look at the detail.

It’s always interesting to see how someone else decides to place your work; work that you’re so used to arranging a particular way so that it wouldn’t occur to you to do it differently.

I went to the Private View of Unit Twelve‘s Contemporary Craft Open at the weekend.  It was a lovely event with two rooms full of beautiful work and I felt very privileged to have my work included.  I was intrigued to see how my concertina books would be placed by the curator, having not been to the gallery before and having posted them off a couple of weeks prior to the exhibition opening.  When you’re used to arranging your own work it can be a surprise to see how others choose to do it but it can also be useful and make yo see things differently.

2 thoughts on “two visits

    • Hi Ruth. I hoped to meet you too. I wondered if it was you busy taking lots of photographs? If it was, you were so intent on what you were doing I didn’t want to disturb!

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