Please contact workshop venues via the links below for availability and booking. New dates will be added here as they are confirmed. As well as the courses listed Alice often teaches private groups, which are not listed here.

2018 workshops:

7-8 March : Art Van Go, Hertfordshire

Collecting Colours : 9 – 11 March : Stitch Retreat, Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire

Textile Art Techniques with Susie Gillespie & Alice Fox : 18 – 21 March : Susie Gillespie Studio, Devon

Rust Marks : 22 – 25 March : West Dean, West Sussex

Land Marks : 8 – 11 May : Lund Studios, North Yorkshire

Rust Marks : 26 – 27 May : ArtisOn, Masham, North Yorkshire

Collecting Colours : 4 – 5 June : In Stitches, Hampshire

Moving Towards the 3rd Dimension : 23 – 26 July : Textile Study Group Summer School, Derbyshire

Textile Art Techniques with Susie Gillespie & Alice Fox : 30 July – 2 August : Susie Gillespie Studio, Devon

Land Marks : 13 – 16 August: Oriel Studio, Aberdeenshire

Stitch with Found Objects : 20 August : Swansea Festival of Stitch, Wales

Land Marks : 30 August – 2 September : Moor Hall Studio, Shropshire

Walking, Collecting, Making : 6 – 12 October : Masseria della Zingara, Puglia, Italy

17 thoughts on “workshops

  1. Hi Liz. All the workshops currently planned are listed on my workshops and talks page. Most of those are booked up but there may still be spaces on the ones in the autumn. I hope that more dates will be added soon and as soon as they are confirmed I’ll put them on the page. If you contact the host venues so they know there is demand they might be more likely to book me again!

    • Hi Alice, I was at your lecture at Birmingham Quilt Festival last year & love your work. I’m in Margaret River, south Western Australia – let me know if you do decide to visit here as we would definitely host a workshop for you (we are right on the coast if that can help tempt you!)

      • Hi Margaret. The Australian Coast sounds very tempting! I don’t have plans for workshops abroad at the moment but who knows where things might take me in the future?!

  2. Hi Linda. Thank you for your interest. I’ve just updated the workshops page on the website with the dates I have so far for next year. Let me know if they suit you. If not I could arrange something at my studio, hopefully to suit the dates of your trip but it would depend on whether you’re happy to come to West Yorkshire on the way to Italy!

  3. Hi Lesley. All the workshops I’m doing are listed on the workshops page. It may not look like there is much on there at the moment because I am busy doing a lot for private groups. Anything new will get listed on there, including more dates for next year. I hope to be at Harrogate again in November.
    Best wishes

  4. Hi Kathleen, you would need to contact Ruth who is hosting the September workshop (link in the workshops page). I do have plans shaping up for 2017 and I will be putting some dates on there soon. Glad you’re enjoying the book!

  5. Hi Kathy, I’m based in West Yorkshire. You would be very welcome to visit my studio if it fits with your itinerary. Email me if you want to arrange something. I am teaching in Hertfordshire in late August – workshops all listed on this site

  6. Hi Tor, I’m afraid I can’t manage a school workshop in Essex – its just too far as I’m based in West Yorkshire. My diary this year is also very full as many bookings are taken over a year in advance. Thanks for your interest, best wishes, Alice

  7. Hi Christina
    All workshops are listed on the workshops page. Any new dates will be added to that page as booking becomes available.
    There are unlikely to be new dates added for the rest of 2017.

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