Leaf Stitching

Leaf Stitching is part of an ongoing exploration of stitching with found items. Leaves are collected whilst walking and either pressed and dried for future use, or they are used whilst still fresh. Through experimenting with leaf material Alice is exploring the potential of what she finds in the landscape. Many of theses small pieces will not have a long life span; they can change noticeably over a period of days, or even hours. A photographic record of these works in a publication is available here.

Alice Fox Leaf Stitching red oak square


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    • Most of these are done with a cotton/silk thread I like to stitch with and which I dye myself. Occasionally I use commercially coloured threads if I want a bright contrast.

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  5. Hello, Alice. I like your work.
    I had once come up an idea which is similar to yours. I stitched on leaves, however, after it dried naturally, it all get crispy. May I ask how do you keep these work nice and complete?

    • Leaves will turn brittle and fragile as they dry out. I try to dry things flat so that they don’t curl and then after that it really depends how you look after your pieces. The more sunlight they are exposed to the quicker they will fade. Some people use glycerine or other substances to preserve leaves but I prefer to keep them naturally and watch the gradual changes that occur.

  6. You are such an inspiration to everything creative and strong! !!
    Thank you and wish someday to meet you and have a personal autographed copy of your book:).

  7. HI Alice,

    A friend suggested I look at your work as in a similar vein to mine. Yours is so extraordinary, I’m speechless! Especially stitched leaves:) Thank you. I’ll email you a couple photos of mine.


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