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  1. Hi Alice,

    I’ve just started a textiles degree (with the OCA) and am very much interested in natural forms and prints (things like rust printing etc) and simple stitches and find your work really inspiring.

    Because I study distance learning I am constantly on the lookout for interesting workshops … particularly teaching the development of sketchbooks, and the process of developing the images into something more.

    So I was wondering if you ever teach workshops (or know of any good ones?), or if you have any books out?

    Many thanks, Sarah (Devon)

    • Hi Sarah

      I don’t currently run any workshops but it is something I’m thinking about. I don’t have any books out either… would love to do that one day!
      I can put you on my e-mailing list if you like so if/when I do anything you might be interested in attending you’ll hear about it.

      Best wishes and good luck with the course

  2. Hi Alice
    Was really sorry to miss your exhibition – I love the different approaches that you’ve used in the various spaces in the lighthouse to cater for the lighting challenges – the video particularly was a master stroke. (I think there’s a lot of scope for using video in a textile context)
    Anyway would love to buy the Spurn book as a small compensation for missing out and would prefer to pay via PayPal so can you let me know how I can arrange this
    Best wishes

    • Hi Sara. The film worked really well in the lighthouse, especially as the wall it was projected onto added another layer of texture! I’ve sent you an invoice via paypal. Thanks, Alice

  3. Love you work, thouroughly enjoy looking at the mixed media combinations you use.. I would love the book.. please advise on how to proceed.. many thanks..


    • Hi Hattie. Thanks. You can either post me a cheque (address in the contacts section of the website) or if you use Paypal I can send an invoice to your email address via them. Alice

  4. Hi Sara

    I am a thinking of going back to college as a mature student- can you recommend the degree you did at Bradford? Otherwise are you running any courses? Please would you add me to your mailing list?


    • Hi Sue

      The course at Bradford worked for me because it was local and I could do part time to fit in with my young family. I then went full time for the final year so the whole degree took me five years. There are quite a few people who’ve done that course as mature students. I also liked the flexibility to combine different disciplines right through the course. You’d have to visit yourself in order to see whether it suits your requirements. I will be moving into a new studio before Christmas and am thinking of running some workshops next year. I’ll put you on my mailing list and then you’ll hear about those once I get my act together.

      Best wishes

  5. Hello Alice and a HUGE thank you for two copies of your exhibition catalogue – one of which I will pass on to Fiona. They seemed to fly here so rapidly after having said I would love one. thank you. how I wish though that I could see this particularly beautiful cloth. Maybe one day I will wend my way in your direction and come and say hello. See your work face to face. What a treat that would be.

  6. Hi Alice,

    I was recently introduced to your work by a friend and would love a textures of spurn brochure if you have any left to spare? I love the textures of your holographs, lovely subtle work that I’d love to see more of if you are ever exhibiting in the south east?

    • Hi Lisa

      I’m pretty short on the brochures now but I’ll check if there is a spare one at the studio tomorrow. If you email me your address I’ll send one if I can. Thanks for your interest.

      Best wishes, Alice

  7. I told you wrongly. My memory is rubbish. It was potassium permanganate as stated but bleach in the paste to print and lemon juice in the water to stabilise. Sorry about that. Cheers. Marianne

  8. Hi Alice,
    I Have only recently discovered your work and wanted to say how much I love it. Finding it very inspirational, it has encouraged me to continue working with my collection of found pieces. Am experimenting with printing from found fabrics at the moment, quite pleased with the results so far, so will continue to develop this theme.

    Unfortunately I live in Norfolk so can’t get to see your work, although do visit a relative in Teeside sometimes, is that far from your area. Do you do any workshops or courses.

    Best regards Marian

    • Hi Marian. I’m glad you’re having fun with your found objects and that my work has been useful. If you look at the top of the website there is a page for workshops and talks. Anything fixed will be on there. I do have some dates for next year too and I’ll put those on soon so keep an eye on it.

      Best wishes

  9. Hi Alice

    I am writing on behalf of the group Textilia3. We are a group of 13 textile artists who exhibit fairly widely in Yorkshire and beyond. We also meet for a monthly meeting at Cliffe Castle Keighley for inspiration and to share ideas. We all find your work of great interest and wondered if you are able to come out to groups like ours to give a talk on inspiration or design ideas (or something along similar lines)? We meet on the second Saturday in the month. If you are interested in coming to talk to us I would be delighted to make contact with you to discuss your fees and dates and so on.
    best wishes
    Rachel Terry – co-ordinator Textilia3

  10. I’m a member of your group and thoroughly enjoy your posts. I have started making accordion books and am using BFK Rives paper as the basis for my eco prints. I’m having difficulty cutting the long page evenly (to use in the accordion books). Is there a trick to cutting the pages with a quilting ruler and a straight edge? Somehow my edges are not quite up to my standards and I am frustrated. How do you get your edges so straight. Do you go to a printer and have your pages cut on the big cutter? I am very happy with my books otherwise. I’ve only done four books and each one is getting better but the paper cutting with the straight edge and ruler still mystifies me. Perhaps it has something to do with my left wrist being broken several years ago… I am left handed. Please keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to me in southern Virginia. Thank you!

    • Hi Bonnie, I cut paper with a metal ruler and a craft knife. If the blade isn’t very sharp then things won’t cut well. In terms of getting things straight it is just a case of being really careful and measuring accurately. I cut things myself, but perhaps practice makes perfect – don’t expect to do everything right straight away. Thanks for your kind words, Alice.

  11. Hi Alice

    Are you going to do some courses ‘up north?’ in the near future. That would be great! All the workshops appear to be way down south. Also I know you did a degree in Bradford but where exactly and which degree was it?

    Many thanks for any help

    • Hi Sue

      My degree was called Contemporary Surface Design and Textiles. My CV has its own page on here if you want more info on my training etc. I will probably be doing some courses at my studio next year but haven’t confirmed dates yet. I teach mostly where I am invited to do so, therefore the locations depend on the bookings I get. If I can fit in some days at my studio in Keighley they will probably be in early summer.

  12. Thank you Alice. That’s fantastic news about possible workshops up north-I am sure they will be filled instantly. Please can you let me know as soon as you advertise any workshops?


  13. Hi Alice
    I love your work it is so, so beautiful! I’m a textiles A level student and we are going to Alexandra Palace Knitting and stitching and I was wondering if you are exhibiting your work at this years show?

    • Hi Katy. I will have some work in the Prism group exhibition at the Knitting & Stitching shows, along with lots of other members of the group. If you are any where near London I am exhibiting next week in Hoxton: 22-27th Sept, see the exhibition page on my site. Enjoy the show!

  14. I love your ‘streams of stitches’, so delicate, minimal and so impressive. Such talent, you are doing in sewing what I am looking to do in paint. Wish we could meet up.

  15. Hi Alice,
    I am an A level art student and I have been researching artists to gather ideas for my project, you have been a great inspiration to me and your work is absolutely beautiful! I would like to write a bit about you in my book and wondered if there was any information you could give to me about yourself and your work? I am particularly interested in what processes you go through to make your objects rust and what your inspirations are? Also do you have any exhibitions coming up as I would love to see your artwork in person!
    Many thanks,

  16. I completed my HND in Textile Art & Design course about 8 years ago, one of the themes of was ‘Leaves’. I have noticed more and more artists liking the same methods, especially rusting and feel a great love and admiration for the work you do. I have been unable, due to ill-health, to develop my work and am looking for a chance to attend workshops. I wondered if you ever do workshops in other areas of England?

    • All my public workshops are listed on the workshops page of the site. I am teaching in various parts of this country and in Europe next year. There will be more dates and venues going on there as soon as the details are confirmed. Hope to see you sometime.

  17. Hi Alice,
    Very captured by your work.
    Belong to the older generation -founder member of Fibre Art in London 1981.
    if ever you come to London would love to meet. Have a small gallery in my house you may like to use?
    Wishing you all the best,

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