© 2024 — Alice Fox

Fabric of the Building takes inspiration from sustainable contemporary architecture and, in particular, green surfaces. The hand-made stitch becomes the organic element growing on, from and through the wall. Paper and felt become the wall; impressions of stitch are made into the surface like hollows left in wet sand. Marks are printed on to the surface and stitches emerge from it. Digital manipulation takes textile-derived marks and allows them to grow across the surface of a building as if the stitches were being made through the wall itself. An organic form slowly builds up on the wall, constantly changing and developing so that the surface of the building is taken over by a newly populated surface of texture.

Fabric of the Building questions the state of our contemporary built environment, references moves to introduce living surfaces to our concrete jungles as well as giving a gentle nod to historical flattened relief sculpture. Through this collection of artworks Alice suggests enlivening the surfaces of buildings in a novel, visually stimulating and sustainable way.

The collection is made up of square units; each to be treated as an artwork in its own right or be combined with others, repeated or expanded. No piece forms a full stop: each is a moment captured, always leading on to further possibilities. Colour is subtle and evolutionary: it comes from the materials and processes used. Form and texture are dominant.