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Fifteen Images

Fifteen Images is a collaborative work in which music and textiles come together and interact to create a seamless immersive experience for the listener and viewer. This cross-discipline collaboration between a composer, a textile artist, a technologist and a performer was created by the research into practice group Textiles and Music Interact, supported by Plymouth University.

The visual and musical aspects of Fifteen Images are truly interwoven. Both their roots lie in a set of defined colour combinations but the visual images provide the audience with a more immediate and accessible way into those colours. The transferral of the textural characteristics of the textile medium into a digital one and the use of subtle animation provide an exciting and innovative way into this project that gives a feast for the senses. The software driving the images and the interpretation of the performer mean that no two experiences of Fifteen Images will be the same. The audience is provided with a unique experience that combines textural and aural qualities.

The textile pieces that form the basis of the digital images are an abstract response to combined experiences of the garden, the music and the landscape. Marks and textures inspired by these three starting points were developed in an intuitive way through drawing, print making, textile print and stitch and combined in digital layers to give a visual composition that that makes up each image that the performer and the audience can interact with.